Dumb computers, only trouble

TTTO “Science Fiction, Double Feature” from Rocky Horror Picture Show

Michael Rennie was ill
The day his box stood still
When it grinded to a stand
When he called me, I swear
I was in underwear
He would not let me do what I planned
Then something went wrong
When I was driving along
It got caught in an infinite loop
Condition of a race
It came from cyberspace
And then it crashed in one fell swoop

Dumb computers, only trouble
All that’s left now — only rubble
‘Cause when you fix stuff you’ll only break it
Unless its etchers, don’t try to shake it
Wo oh oh oh oh oh
Dumb computers, just avoid them, just say no

So if you use a machine
That never does what you mean
Well you have to acquire some skills
And I get really annoyed
When the box gets destroyed
You know, ignorance sometimes kills
When you fiddle the bits
Without using your wits
Then technicians will stick you with bills
So step away from the keys
We are asking you, please
When you stand there, my back’s feeling chills



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  1. Michelle Wong said,

    I always love reading you blog. Thanks for sharing the great information. Also i just subscribed to your feedburner feed.

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