It’s Always Morning Somewhere in the World (But not here)

To get the tune, I recorded myself singing

The sun is coming out now, birds are chirping merrily
I really should got out of bed, my body’s telling me
It’s almost noon, I’m ill at ease, I want to sleep some more
The sun, its light is meant to tease, to tell me what’s the score

My body, it is so confused,
My inner clock is oh so wrong
My body, it has been abused,
Don’t think it’s sure where it belongs

I turn around in my bed, and close my eyes again
Though morning has appeared by now, I have to rest my brain
If I don’t get the sleep I should, I won’t be worth a thing
I will to bed, with stubborness and desperation, cling

I’ve turned and tossed too much by now, I’m finally awake
But could it be, I’m feeling now, there has been some mistake
It’s dark the people are alseep, the morning — it’s not here
I’ve missed it geographically, it’s elsewhere on this sphere


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