Miracles and Wonders

TTTO “Boy in the Bubble” by Paul Simon

There is a shutter-click
And the app is beeping
As it notices the QR codes
There is a LED light
When our phones connect to facebook
So every couple’s marriage
Is sent to us by radio

There are the days of miracle and wonder,
Like cellphones making a call
When kids can play with better things than LOGO
As chips can keep getting small
The way we notice a distant exo-planet
By seeing just a wobble in a star
These are the days of miracle and wonder,
We’ll go far, baby, go far, go far

It’s a new land
When the thinking hits the pay-dirt
Another idea is given birth
And inert sand,
Turning into silicon
Making the transistors
As we automate the earth

It’s an automatic chat-bot
It’s making pretty pie-charts
From shoulders of great giants, we launch into a running start
Medicine is glorious, a life-preserving art
Think of the boy in the bubble
And the baby with the babboon heart

These are the days of lasers playing music
Lasers playing music, somewhere
Staccatto signals of bit-wise information
No longer just for the millionaires
Or billionairs, and baby…



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