Signs of Horror

TTTO “Banned from Argo” by Leslie Fish

When filkers gather in a con, they teach each other things
They talk of signs and languages, and what they like to sing
And sometimes what they teach can be a little scary too
But, see, we are just filkers, and it’s what like to do

‘Cause we like chainsaw murders, and delight
In scaring mundanes — we draw power from their fright
So listen to me carefully, or watch if you can’t hear
“I’ll kill you with a chainsaw” you should fear

There is a lady from the west, she sings of horror tales
Of zombies, vampires, ofdead things and how death looks so pale
She likes to carry chainsaws, and strange languages to speak
And made sure she can frighten everyone, from every clique


There another lady who knows ASL real well
When she is asked about a sign she’ll do her best to tell
She’s patient — she’s a teacher — and her lessons are so good
That when she teaches something she’ll make sure she’s understood


There is another guy who hails from somewhere in the east
He listened to the lesson, and did not a iota missed
He knew to say the sentence that the lady from the west
Had asked the other lady to teach her, as she can best


He went back to his homeland, and the stories that he told
Had lessons buried in them, but just one was to unfold
He made sure he repeated all the signs the teacher taught
And didn’t think if it was smart, if that’s just what he ought


So now all of the engineers who listened to his words
Remember, now, that they are still to some extent all nerds
They all know ASL, a bit, and this is what they know —
Listen to me carefully, and watch me as I show:


But I’m from Israel, as you now know
And so my local culture, to you I want to show
Our area seems doomed to war, some people think it’s fate
So if you come you should know this is “hate”


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