Early One Evening

Early One Evening
TTTO “Early One Morning”

Note the first: The original has like a gazillion verses. I tried to keep the spirit, but to make something a bit

Note the second: loosely based on “Sleeper” (S7) and “Lie To Me” (S2)

Early one evening just as sun was setting
I saw a vampire drinking a maid
“Oh, won’t you turn me, desire — it burns me
Please give me these things for which I have prayed”

Remember the time when you were but a mortal
Remember the gift which was given to you
You must keep giving, sire the worthy
No more you will walk alone in the night

Here now I wander alone as I wonder
The magic that your kind can see in the night
The teeth that bite so deep, oh how they pain me
Never will I see the sun’s morning light

Thus sung the maiden, for her it is over
She is now doomed — with her life she has paid
Oh, she has turned now, oh, but she knows how
She has gotten all for which she has prayed


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