NASA’s Engineers

TTTO “Barret’s Privateers”, Stan Rogers

Oh, the year was 2021
How I wish I was in space right now
When we begun to leave for space
But I was left here in this place

God damn them all!
I was told, “ah, space is dark and space is cold,
Safe from our woes and from our fears,
You will stay here for ten more years,
The last of NASA’s engineers”

Oh, chief director called for men,
How I wish I was in space right now
Who’ll man the station when they’re gone
It seems I was the only one

God damn…

We had a party when they left
How I wish…
They wished me well, and said goodbye
And said “for us oh don’t you cry”

God damn…

I do my job, and hold the line
How I wish…
And watch the stars by day or night
When it is dark and when it’s light

God damn…

The ships now circle up above
How I wish…
As they now learn to live up there
‘Cycling water and the air

God damn…

I’ve had to hear their stories told,
How I wish…
Of explorations, of brave deeds
And deep inside my heart would bleed

God damn…

There’s been no signal now for days,
How I wish…
I’ve been so bored I wrote this song
And soon I hope I’ll go along

God damn…

So here I lay in my 33rd year,
How I wish…
It’s been ten years since they sailed away
And I’m gonna leave for space today

Oh, thank the Lord,
I was told that space is dark and space is cold
But now I’m shedding joyful tears,
The last of NASA’s engineers
God damn…


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