Acts of Change

When you’re in McGongal’s classroom, please be quiet, listen well,
Pay attention to the teacher, and please learn that spell
You can switch your form around, though it does appear so strange
Every transfiguration is an act of change

From the wizard hurling hexes, using spells that he has found
Through the witches brewing poison, to the people killed and drowned
In this world of charm and magic, when it’s easy to destroy
Every Avra Kedavra is an act of joy


You can study dreams and star charts, you can use a crystal ball
But you need to have the talent, or you can’t be helped at all
We are reaching for the future, and it’s not beyond our scope
Every cast divinition is an act of hope


You can learn to be an auror, and the dark arts to defuse
It’s a fight of good and evil, and a side you have to choose
Harry was a small child, frightened, when a spell his mother wove
For there’s nothing that’s stronger than a mother’s love



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  1. Filk: Cleanup project has begun « Moshe’z said,

    […] Cleanup project has begun I’ve made what I hope are improvements to Acts of Change. It has officially become one of the songs in my booklet-to-be. Interested in some other song in […]

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