Miss the Cache

TTTO “לבקש ת’קש” by “שבק ס”

I’m counting on having this song being cut short anyway with groans, so I only did the first verse.

I know how you want it: dynamic and fast
A site that is the top, one that is unsurpassed
JavaScript and CSS, AJAX and theming
And the music downloading and the video streaming
But servers all crawl, they are slowing
They are close to being dead from all the traffic snowing
But now the maintainance they’re undergoing
And slowly but surely the results are showing
The site is now slightly less hard to scale
And with a little bit of luck, it will not fail
I now am up on all my work and I have read my mail
Though the balance we achieved it is so weak and frail
I am the network admin, not a web code monkey
I am addicted to the shell, and I’m a packet junky

Because this protocol is making me, miss the cache
And the servers are all crashing ’cause I miss the cache
When I miss the cache, please tell me what to do?
I need the code: 304, your version’s true


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