Superhero Preferences

Original: Ani Ohev (The Sixteenth Sheep)

I am fond of Peter Parker, and Spider Man
But I also like Clark Kent, and Super Man
And I love the Hulk, if he’s grey or he’s green
I really adore Wolverine and no matter if he’s mean

Oh, I love when they’re gentle, and I love it when they’re tough
Or when their face is exposed — oh I can’t get enough
When they’re framed for a murder, or some heinous crime
And they have to prove it’s not them, or they’ll have to do some time

I like Bubbles and Blossom — and Buttercup
And I really like Shira, and I know I’ll get some rap
But if you ask me my favourite, I know where I put my money
‘Cause what I really really love…is My Little Pony



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