Urban Flying

Tune: original (no notes)

I was nursing a beer, too tired to think
The guy next to me gave me a wink
Said I’ll tell you a secret about this place
He could see disbelief was in my face

Said, “there are two buildings, side-by-side
The ovens downstairs are heavy and wide
When the air gets hot, you know, it will rise”
And I saw a twinkle shine in his eyes

Just throw your arms wide, just let yourself go
Up the air roars, feel the wind blow
You know, if you try it, you can get to fly
Hang up in the air and reach for the sky

“I don’t believe” I said to him
“‘Cause gravity ain’t just a dream”
If you don’t believe let money talk
I’ll go, jump down, away I’ll walk


I saw him jumping, he came right back
My eyes bulged out, my jaw went slack
With a big ol’ smile he came to the door
Said, gimme my money, settle the score


“Go ahead, try it,” he said to me
I was so drunk, I did agree
I went and jumped, and, well, went splat
And so I died, yeah, just like that


‘Cause Clark’s a mean drunk, I’ll tell you
Shows off things that he can do
Lost my money and now my life
Such a cruel twist of fate’s dull knife



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