A Vorpal Sword

TTTO “Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown)” by The Beatles

I once had a sword, or should I say, it once had me
It would kill my foes, with well-placed blows, the battle flows

It made me bloodthirsty, and I started looking for fights
And I battled constantly, during the days and the nights

I felt so controlled, my soul I sold, or so I’m told
We killed left and right, for so it said, “It’s time I fed”

It told me it owned me completely and started to laugh
It told me if I would oppose it, I’d be cut in half

And when I broke free, it did kill me, left just debris
So I went to hell, to you I tell, your soul don’t sell



  1. Josh said,

    I hate to rain on your parade, but Niven and Barnes already did something similar in Dream Park.
    I once had a sword, or shall I say it once had me?
    Oh what a sword, a beautiful sword, it was plus three!
    It’s ego was twelve, a fact of which I wasn’t aware.
    I wanted to leave and the sword oh it just didn’t care!
    I, walked through the halls, biding my time, nothing to find.
    Then, I turned a corner, and then I said, ‘Oh, no. Undead.’
    The thirty-two wights saw me coming and started to laugh!
    I just closed my eyes as my sword started hewing a path!
    And, when I awoke, I was alone, my sword had flown.
    Now, I use a club, isn’t it good…
    No Ego Wood! 🙂

    • John Rhoe said,

      We were singing that one back in the late 70’s. All we had then was the original pamphlets, and a few other books. Seems that song was lifted from older filk culture. Who’da thunk it!!!

  2. Amy said,

    And they weren’t the first. I heard a version of this song at a Paracon a few years before Dream Park came out.

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