Like a Version

TTTO “Like a Virgin” by Madona

It’s one of those songs I originally wrote before I knew what filk is. But I rewrote it, since I lost the original.

I made it through the big test-suite
Somehow I made it through
Didn’t know how hard it was
Baby, who knew

I’m still a bit incomplete
I have bugs, cruft that did accru
But you cleaned me up
Yeah, you cleaned me up
I know it’s hard to do

Like a version
Out for the very first time
Like a version
With the number: 0-dot-9

Gonna give you all the fame, bot
I’m still not that fast
There are still low-hanging fruit
To optimize we must

I’m so fine, 0-dot-9
When the team you have strictly told:
Oh, the code’s in freeze
Yeah the code’s in freeze
‘Till it’s solid from cold


I’m so fine, 0-dot-9
Please maintain, ’till the end of time
‘Cause we have the build
Yeah, we have the build
And we upload with pride


Like a version, ooh, ooh
Like a version
Though it’s still untried
When you mold me, I’m released now, and you love me

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Ooh, baby
Can’t you see the number
Is just 0-point-9


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