A Daemon Run As Root

A Daemon Run As Root
I wrote this one about 5 years ago, and only found it now.
It sucks.

TTTO “Demon in the Dark” by Kathy Mar)

Chorus:  I spawn for the lost and killed children
         I wait for that silent SIG Child
	 And if only you would have capabilities
	 You would not have a daemon run as root

The os of the computer has been brought up, has been started
And the unborn children wait for me to start
I must first initialize my memory and open files
And only then can I call fork() a lot

You broke into the children with some overflowing buffers
And the reading children died as I stood by
What kind of heartless crackers would kill children without even tears
They want to get a daemon who runs as root

I've tried with all my failing strength to spawn more or to spawn less
But I cannot put a block on the IP
And as you stage this distributed denial of service attack
I take down the computer as I fall

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